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Webinar on Nuclear Energy

Energy is the most fundamental requirement of every society or nation to climb the ladder of development. There are many sources of energy including conventional, non-conventional and clean fuels. To spread awareness and understanding on nuclear energy, a webinar on the subject was organized. Sh. S.K Jena from Nuclear Power Corporation of India ltd. delivered a special talk on this topic. The webinar was attended by more than 200 participants. "Nuclear energy was first utilized commercially in the 1950s. Since it has continued to grow, and there are now around 440 nuclear power reactors across the world, providing 10% of the planet’s electricity. Nuclear energy is the world’s second-largest source of low-carbon power, following closely behind hydroelectric power," said Sh. Jena in his talk. In her address, Dr Neelima Jerath, DG, PGSC said, " the largest benefit of nuclear energy is that it is a clean energy. It does not create air pollution or release greenhouse gases, so in this way it is much more sustainable for the environment than fossil fuels. The only byproduct of the production of nuclear energy is excess steam, which is simply recycled into the atmosphere as clean water vapor."