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About Women Technology Park

‘Women Technology Park’ is an attempt to ensure that the benefits of science and technology percolates to the rural women of the surrounding villages and provide them livelihood opportunities to enable rural women (without specific skills) to earn their own livelihood in a dignified way.

Women Technology Park will consist of three Training Units:

  • Pleurotus sajor caju (Dhingri) Cultivationl
  • Value addition to existing textile materials
  • Preparation of Cow Dung Logs : An Innovative Way Of Using Cow Dung

Besides Hands- on Technical Training as per Technology, the women will also be given training on marketing and networking and an incubation facility for a period of 5 -9 months (depending on the Training prog.) which is a unique special feature of the Technology Park. The project is catalyzed and supported by Department of Science & Technology, GOI