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Space Theater

You often see 'larger than life' films in a 35mm film. What if the film colossal size is 10 times larger than used in regular theatres and 3 times larger than standard 70mm film used in classic Hollywood epics. Gear up for a immersive experience with our Large Format Film Projection Theatre!

With a seating capacity of 327 persons, our magnetic theatre projecting Large Format films on 23 meter-tilted dome is sure to give you larger-than-life thrill. It is a mesmerising visual treat to watch the full-scale spectacle and experience the delight of sound clarity!

And how delightful it would be to hear a small trickle of rain to a massive clap of thunder with amazing lucency! With images soaring and lunging at you from all sides, and an audio- visual marvel surrounding and engulfing you, you will leave the theatre with a surreal experience that will make you come back to us again and again – simply because there is no similar dome theatre in Northern India. At just Rs.80/-, it is worth it.

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We are currently in process to upgrade our theatre to advanced technology digital projection system......

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