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About Science of Sports Gallery

First of its kind in India, the gallery depicts the science behind sports. One would be awestruck to know how science works at micro as well as macro level in various sports, often overlooked by us during a casual encounter.

Built at the cost of ten million rupees, the gallery familiarises enthusiasts with wide application of scientific principles used in sports including, but not limited to, the role of gravity, projectile motion, momentum, force, energy, impulse, Newton's Law of Motion etc.

The gallery apprises of the nitty-gritties of scientific application in various sports (like, Cricket, Volleyball, Badminton, Lawn tennis, Basketball, Football, Hockey and Rural sports) through a playful, interesting and non-formal approach.

This does not just inform but also enhances the understanding of the visitors and equips them better to improve overall outlook and performance in sports.

Star Attractions

  • Be a Third Umpire in a virtual Cricket match
  • Measure your alertness on a traffic light
  • See a giant model of a wooden racquet
  • If you are a kid, Experience the pleasures of Rock climbing on an inflatable wall or test your agility on Balance Beam

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