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Opening Hours : 09:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.    |    Last Ticket Timing : 5.00 p.m.

About Innovation Hub

Celebrate the spirit of innovation at the Innovation Hub!

Think 'Out-of-box' and give wings to your ideas.

A culture of innovation and creativity entices one and all to this section.

Set up in 500 sq. m area and funded by the Planning Commission and Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, Innovation Hub serves as launch pad for new and creative ideas as it nurtures young minds and helps develop spirit of inquisitiveness among today's youth. It has been conceived to be a hub for providing hands on / practical learning to the students, teachers and communities in the vicinity.

Discovery Hall, Innovation Resource Centre & Hall of Fame, Idea Lab and Design Studio are just a few of the engaging facilities available at the Innovation Hub to promote logical thinking, showcase innovative ideas and pursue creative activities.

The Tod-Phod-Jod (Break & Remake) Corner, Kabaad Se Jugaad (Build from scraps), idea box and Design Studio are other interesting features of this hub. Membership is encouraged and mentoring facilities are provided for idea concretization, seating up for proof of concept and protection of Intellectual Property. Ideas with commercialization potential can be taken further through angel investors and arranging venture capital.

Idea Box: This facility motivate students to generate their own innovative ideas and create an idea bank to solve any societal problem using S & T tools . The best ideas are chosen for further developing the prototype at innovation hub premises.

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School Membership Program

PGSC offers ‘School Membership Program’ under which a school can become a member by depositing an annual fee of only Rs 20,000/- (GST applicable) against which PGSC expert team visit school premises and organize Student/teacher trainings on various scientific issues, 3 times in a calendar year (at no extra cost). If desired, these trainings can be organized on-line as well.

Registration Steps for Schools

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Students Membership Program

Annual membership Charges:

Rs.500/- (GST applicable) For students of 7 to 12 th standard)

Rs.1000/- (GST applicable) For college-going students & individuals


The membership gives access to individuals / groups to various scientific galleries and facilities of Innovation Hub for one year, besides, other educational programmes/workshops/lectures. The details including other terms and conditions to become the member of the Innovation Hub can be downloaded from the following link

Brochure/ Membership Application form: Download

Registration Steps for School students

Step 1: Payment

Step 2: Register

Registration Steps for College students

Step 1: Payment

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Activities for Schools under Innovation Hub

PGSC conducts curriculum based Hand’s on Sessions on Physics, Robotics, Mathematics and Biotechnology for the benefit of school students at Innovation Hub premises. Each session can be booked with a nominal fee of Rs. 9000/- in which maximum 30 students can participate.  The duration of each session will be three hours.
For conducting sessions at school premises, travel allowance charges @ Rs10/- per Km (to and fro travel) is charged extra.

List of Sessions

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