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Our Awards:
Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala was awarded Second Prize (General Category) for National Energy Conservation Award – 2013 by Ministry of Power, GoI     |    Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala was awarded National Award for Outstanding Efforts in Science & Technology Communication in general– 2015 by DST, GoI     |     Pushpa Gujral Science City, Kapurthala was awarded Prestigious "Shining Glory Awards – 2019 in the field of Research, development and Upliftment of Society by Green Maple Foundation Management on 26-May-2019 at Chandigarh    

Things to Explore

Echo Echoes- A Virtual Expedition

Virtual Immersive Gallery whisks visitors into various ecosystems for unprecedented exploration, education, and interaction....

Digital Planetarium

Ready to take a trip to the space? The Dome Theatre also functions as a digital Planetarium. Go & indulge in a celestial experience..

Flight Simulator

Ladies and gentlemen, buckle up your seat and get ready to take a virtual flight. 30 persons at one time can experience ...

Climate Change Theatre

This theatre is going to fundamentally change the way you think about climate change and the way we relate to our planet ...

Dinosaurs Park

The Jurassic age beckons you. One of the most prized park at the facility, this is a must see for all. Take a walk in the company ....

Life Through Ages Panorama

Ever wondered how the Earth and then life on earth has evolved? Get your answer here. Explore major events form Big Bang ...

Virtual Reality Gallery

Virtual Reality & Cyber Space gallery is designed to provide fun, entertainment and education to people of all ages....

Space and Aviation Gallery

Housed in Science Voyage Hall, it showcases the launch of PSLV, Living in Space, Swati aircraft and exhibits on Discovery ...

Amazing Living Machine Gallery

Have you ever seen a Transparent Man? Now you can also explore the medical science world and learn how the devices work ...

Biotechnology Gallery

How different are we from Monkeys? Learn the world of genetic code as the gallery introduces you to cells, DNA, RNA ...

HIV & Drugs deaddiction Gallery

Learn about Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome and Human immunodeficiency Virus. The key goal of this gallery is to....

Science of Sports Gallery

The science behind various sports comes alive here. facts you never knew will thrill the sports person in you. This Gallery is a must see ...

Mathematics Gallery

Step into Mathematics gallery at Pushpa Gujral Science City to understand the evolving, creative and aesthetic nature of Mathematics....

Fun Science Gallery

Science is fun and you would agree at this gallery. Explore Exhibits based on principles of mechatronics, optics and sound ...

Ames Room

Giant or Dwarf - verify yourself ! This optical illusion will make you doubt your eyes. Setup in Fun Science gallery, Ames room ....

Railway Gallery

The railway of today, what drives it and the technology behind it, Learn everything about the world of Railways....

Earthquake Simulator

Imagine the earth shaking and everything falling and you are in the midst of an earthquake. An unparalleled experience ...

Laser Theatre

Lights. Sound Action. The laser show takes visitors to a world of light beams interspersed with sudden shots of fog mixed with sound ....

Birds Gallery

Get ready for bird watching ! The gallery captures staggering diversity of birds with interactive models....

3D Theatre

Watching things in 3 dimension give us a different perspective. Experience things, objects and people coming to life ....

Defence Gallery

An outdooor gallery where you can seee and touch missiles & tanks and get photographed in a MIG aircraft. ...

Energy Park

Natural Energy Sources await you at The Energy Park. Spread across 4 buildings, here you can witness the uses of various form ...

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Virtual Expedition to Global Ecosystems
PGSC Promotional Video
PGSC Mathematics Gallery
Virtual Tour MTP gallery
Virtual Tour of Science City
PGSC Quicky Video
Jurassic park

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Our Projects

Innovation Hub

The project serves as launch pad for new and creative learning in the science education as it nurtures and encourages new ideas, and helps develop spirit of inquisitiveness among today's youth.

Mobile Science Exhibition

The project takes science to the doorsteps of rural population and spreads the message of use of Science & Technology for sustainable development.

Women Technology Park

‘Women Technology Park’ is an attempt to ensure that the benefits of science and technology percolates to the rural women of the surrounding villages and provide them livelihood opportunities

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