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World Telecom Day

Pushpa Gujral Science City celebrated “World Telecom Day” by organizing a webinar on differentiating features of “5G” technology. Around 150 Engineering college students from all over Punjab participated through virtual mode. The theme for this year on World Telecom Day was “Accelerating Digital Transformation in challenging times”.

Dr. Swades De, Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi was the key speaker at this occasion. During his talk, he said that 5G network is regarded as the most significant jump in the history of wireless communication due to its differentiating features like cost & energy efficiency, hyper fast, low latency and reliability. He gave an overview of edge computing in smart IoT, energy sustainability, green communication and network coexistence. He highlighted the research work conducted on 5G as a part of capacity building initiative of DoT and also discussed the research efforts made on wireless RF energy transfers, developing industry-collaborative communication systems capacity building for more hands-on and field-worthy product development oriented technology at IIT Delhi.

Dr. Neelima Jerath, Director General, Science City giving welcome remarks said that World Telecom day is the occasion to celebrate the power of telecommunication and its importance in building relationships across cultures around the world and focuses on using advanced technology to fulfill the sustainable development goals in the next few years. Hundred of million of people depend on these networks access real time information when they need it the most. Telecom networks have enabled masses to keep themselves safe during ongoing covid-19 pandemic by working from home, attending online classes, e-health and online doctor consultations among others. Further, telecom sector played a very important role in economic progress globally.

Dr. Rajesh Grover, Director, Science City present at the occasion said that telecom services are a lifeline for the nation. He urged the participants not to be misled by false messages being spread on various social media platforms claiming linkage of second wave of covid 19 with 5G technology as these had no scientific basis. As such Department of Telecommunication is already taking several steps to bring awareness about the scientific facts on health effects of EMF emissions from mobile towers.