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National Technology Day 2022

Pushpa Gujral Science City celebrated National Technology Day by organizing a webinar on “Emerging Trend in Artificial Intelligence”. Around 100 Engineering college students from all over Punjab participated through virtual mode. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Neelima Jerath, Director General Science City  said that the two most common words used in science and business today are Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. Whereas AI is a technology which helps machines to simulate human behavior, Machine learning (which is a part of AI), allows machines to automatically learn from previous data without programming explicitly. The goal of AI is to make a smart computer systems like humans to solve complex problems. Artificial Intelligence has now moved from science fiction to real world applications. Solutions we had imagined previously are now within reach.  Further, Some of the existing exciting applications of AI which has already started impacting our daily lives are virtual assistants like Alexa, self-driving cars, customer targeted ads and recommendations on social media or how Netflix knows which movies a client wishes to watch. 

Ms. Sonia Dosanjh, Joint Director and Head of Artificial Intelligence & Analytics Department, C-DAC Mohali was the key speaker at the occasion. She briefed the audience on the latest technology developments in the field of AI. She apprised how AI is now being widely recognized to be the power that will fuel the future global digital economy; and has gained geo-strategic importance. A large number of countries are striving hard to stay ahead with their policy initiatives to get their youth ready to function in an environment driven by AI and other emerging technologies. Further, she informed that CBSE has introduced Artificial Intelligence as an optional subject at Class 9 from the Session 2019- 2020 onwards and clearly there is a need to train our young people in this promising field through various skilling/upskilling initiatives.