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Science Fest 2021

Innovation Hub, Pushpa Gujral Science City jointly with Grassroots Innovations Augmentation Network (GIAN) organized Science Fest 2021 to promote innovation and creativity amongst the school students through development of working models in the various fields of Science & Technology. More than 300 students from different schools of Punjab participated and showcased their interactive innovative models.

Prof Anil K Gupta, Founder, Honey Bee Network, SRISTI, GIAN & NIF during his motivational address to budding scientists said that Creativity is a function of knowledge, curiosity, imagination and evaluation that leads to innovation. The greater is your knowledge base and level of curiosity, the more potential innovative ideas you can achieve. But simply having knowledge does not guarantee the formation of new ideas or creativity.  One needs to be highly innovative and creative to shape their ideas. He stressed that we must give room to the young minds to think to get fruitful outcome for the welfare of society

Dr. Neelima Jerath, Director General Science City said that creativity and innovation have become a crucial source of a nation’s sustainable growth and competitiveness amidst globalization. In the modern era, innovative and creative minds dominate since they bring desired results to make complex processes simple, easy and economical. Innovation Hub at PGSC Kapurthala has been setup with the objective to promote innovativeness and engage the youth towards creativity as well as provide them an appropriate platform to display their ingenuity and innovativeness in an informal and playful environment.

Winners of Science Fest