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Fun Science


Fun Science Gallery Demonstrations

Laughing Mirrors


Mirror Room

In this exhibit of hexagonal shaped room, mirrors on the opposite walls are parallel to each other and mirrors on the adjacent walls are at an angle of 1200 degree. This arrangement of inclined and parallel mirrors demonstrates the formation of multiple reflected images.


Big Illusive Sphere

In this exhibit, numbers of balls are closely glued onto the square base of a truncated square pyramid. The multiple reflected images of these balls from four inclined mirrors of the pyramid are formed adjacent to all sides of the square giving an illusion of a big sphere formed by the real balls and their images.


Slim and Trim

A cylindrical concave mirror in the exhibit has power (curvature) in the vertical axis only, thereby, producing magnification in your height without any change in your width. Hence, it forms an elongated image of yourself showing you as slim and trim.


Rotate Your Face

In this exhibit, the cylindrical concave and convex mirrors change their axis of power from 0 to 360 degree continuously due to rotation by hand, creating an interesting effect as if your face is rotating.


You & Me

The exhibit depicts the reflection and transmission properties of a semi-transparent /reflecting mirror


Look into Infinity

The exhibit creates an optical illusion due to multiple reflections of a hole in one of the two flat mirrors placed parallel to each other.


Image Formula

This exhibit demonstrates the number of multiple images formed by two inclined mirrors at various angles of inclination.


Illuminate the Tunnel

In this exhibit multicolored bulbs are placed in a circular pattern between two flat mirrors placed parallel to each other. Both the mirrors form multiple reflections of the bulbs creating an optical illusion of an illuminated tunnel stretching off into a distance.



It demonstrates the formation of multiple images based on the laws of reflection. Multiple reflections are what you see in a kaleidoscope.

Lattice Structure

The multiple reflections formed by arrangement of four-inclined mirrors in the exhibit demonstrate the beautiful cubic and rhomboidal crystal structures.


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