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Watson and Crick Model Commemoration Day 2022

The goal of Watson and Crick Model Commemoration Day is to offer students, teachers and the general public an opportunity to learn about and celebrate the latest advances in genomic research and explore how these advances might impact their lives. PGSC organized a webinar at this occasion on " DNA: The Blueprint of Life". Dr. Anjana Munshi, Professor, Department of Human Genetics and Molecular Medicine and Dean Research, Central University of Punjab, Bathinda was the resource person. Dr. Munshi said that DNA is called the blueprint of life because it bears the instructions required for the growth, development, survival and reproduction of the organisms. Segments of DNA known as the genes code for the specific proteins. DNA determines to a large extent how the person would look like and what diseases he or she is prone to. The complete set of an organism’s nuclear DNA is called its genome. The human genome contains about 3 billion bases. She further added that James Watson and Francis Crick played a significant role in deciphering the structure of DNA. However, their discovery was dependent on the finding of many other scientists like Hershey and Chase, Chargaff, Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin. Their research has built foundation on which the current science of genomics is built. The webinar was attended by about 70 nos of school students and teachers from various parts of Punjab.