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National Dengue Day 2022

National Dengue Day is observed to spread awareness about the vector-borne disease and its preventive methods. A webinar on "Dengue Awareness, Prevention and Control" was organized by PGSC on the occasion. Dr. Rajiv Arora, Director Principal & Professor of Physiology, Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Jalandhar was the Guest oHf onour. He gave a brief introductory remark on “Dengue Awareness, Prevention and Control. He said that dengue is transmitted by the bite of female Aedes aegypti mosquito and an infected person develops symptoms 3-14 days after the infective bite. Patients who are already infected with the dengue virus can transmit the infection to others via Aedes aegypti mosquitoes during 4-5 days of onset of symptoms. Further, dengue fever starts with sudden onset of fever, followed by severe headache, pain behind the eyes, muscle and joint pain, and rash. Though, there are no specific antiviral medicines for dengue, early clinical diagnosis by physician puts the fatality rate from this disease below 1%. Prof. Sheevani Sheemar, Department of Microbiology, Punjab Institute of Medical Sciences, (PIMS), Jalandhar gave an expert talk on “Microbiology on Dengue Prevention and Control”. She said that the key options for preventing and controlling dengue are: to create awareness in public, control larval habitats in and around people's homes, workplaces, unclaimed empty spaces, dump sites, and public areas, use  of insecticide sprays, to reduce human–vector contact use of insect repellent especially in vulnerable population. The webinar was attended by school students and teachers from various parts of Punjab.